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It’s something to take your time over, both in appreciating it, and developing your own art. Because, Fine Art is experimentation, how far can you push something, how far can you take it until it meets what you want it to do. It’s only through experimentation and trying new things and combinations that you’ll get there.

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OCA Open foundations

If degree study is new to you or you are uncertain about where to start, look at the OCA’s Open Foundations courses. These courses are all designed to lead you into degree-level study, get you thinking academically, and putting you in the best position to start.

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The Open College of the Arts is 30 years old! thumb

The Open College of the Arts is 30 years old!

A lot has changed in the thirty years since Michael Young founded OCA. Cassettes became CDs, which then became downloads, and then streaming. Liverpool won their last league title just three years after we became a thing, and are still searching for the next one. Mario Brothers were all the rage… and still are, surprisingly.

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The importance of open-access

At OCA all our offers are unconditional. Through our open-access policy we do not require students to have specific prior qualifications and welcome all who want to study onto our courses. This has been the case since OCA was founded, as we believe that education is a right, not a privilege, and all should have the opportunities to study.

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