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The Art of Invitation – Part 2 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 2

It is common for an artist to write a statement defining their practice. In my opinion this serves a greater purpose for the artist than for the audience (who, after all, should be free to respond emotionally to an experience rather than being instructed regarding its intention). I have been writing and rewriting my statement […]

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The Art of Invitation – Part 3 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 3

‘The Gathering’ 2018, repopulating a space in Romania left abandoned since the revolution in 1989 I learnt a lot from my conversations and brief collaboration with the late great Will Alsop. Most notably that not everything has to make sense – actions do not always have to be justified. Play is the beginning of creativity […]

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The Art of Invitation – Part 1 thumb

The Art of Invitation – Part 1

‘Beacon’ 2016, Installation on an ancient beacon site where the audience is invited by the light rather than by a selective process. My work is the investigation of pathways, migrations and unplanned encounters. It is only with hindsight that I can understand the rationale behind my creative practice. I call this retrospective research; looking back […]

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Student stories: Neil Garradley thumb

Student stories: Neil Garradley

My study into the realm of textiles has been a journey of learning, development and creativity. The experience has been amazing so far and the learning has become not only a source of focus but also a building block to self-preservation in my own personal busy life.

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Collage in textiles thumb

Collage in textiles

In this post Pere looks at textile artists who use collage in their work.

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In Conversation with: Sabine Roth thumb

In Conversation with: Sabine Roth

“Her talent lies in combining traditional materials with contemporary techniques and in materialising the ephemeral as she uses new technologies as a research method and inspiration in her design process.”

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In conversation with: Rahel Pfrommer thumb

In conversation with: Rahel Pfrommer

“I was always fascinated by different materials and techniques. During my jewellery studies, textiles and especially the process of weaving and textiles construction has become a big focus. The contrast between the hard metal and the soft thread caught my attention.”

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In conversation with: Lucy Benson thumb

In conversation with: Lucy Benson

I’m constantly fascinated with how light can transform the perception of a space and the relationship between light and materials. My use of materials and processes are the result of my exploration of different planes, distortion, translucency, line and structure.

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In conversation with: Áine Byrne thumb

In conversation with: Áine Byrne

Áine Katrina Byrne is a Textile Artist and Designer originally from Ireland and now based in London. After Completing her MA at the RCA, Áine spent time working as a designer in India, before returning to London to continue her work within the field of textile design. Áine woven designs both digitally and by hand for the fashion industry, supplying high end clients and the high street. Áine is based in Hackney Wick Space studio and works as a lecturer at CSVPA.

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Study event review: Remake / Remodel thumb

Study event review: Remake / Remodel

It was great to see such liberated and stimulating interplay between students and the work they were making. Unfamiliar drawing methods were explored including drawing with lengths of cane, using coloured tapes to collage with and stitching with a domestic sewing machine to create a variety of textured marks and lines. As the session progressed spontaneous collaborations began to develop between students where one would work over another’s drawing or drawings were developed together to produce an innovative dialogue of marks.

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