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Painting and Drawing student work Spring 2022

As Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Painting and the BA (Hons) Drawing degrees at OCA I am delighted to present a curated exhibition of the work presented by the students in both departments for the Spring 2022 assessment event.

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In-between: Wendy Healey’s Artists Talk – Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 6pm 

Please join me to celebrate the achievement of level 3 Painting SYP student Wendy Healey who has just completed her final degree show with us and is soon to graduate.

Wendy’s OCA Artist Talk will comprise of an in-conversation talk with Psychotherapist/ Art Therapist Maureen Begadon, filmed at Wendy’s home studio prior to her degree show on 28 April -14 May at DAA gallery Sutton Coldfield. The film will be followed by a question and answer discussion. 

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Student stories: Wendy Healey

OCA students and tutors from all disciplines are invited to final year student Wendy Healey’s forthcoming exhibition to explore the fascinating world of the in-between. Direct Art Action UK (DAA) Gallery based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham will be showcasing her BA (Hons) Painting Degree Exhibition In-between. 

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The Patricia Farrar Award for Painting

As Programme Leader for Painting I feel personally that Patricia would have had a continued influence on OCA as an alumni and I have tried to preserve that influence by instigating an award at OCA in her memory and as an ongoing inspiration. The award is given to a student annually who embodied something of Patricia’s spirit and creative concerns.

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Student stories: Arlene Sharp

The Freelands Painting Prize has been developed to support artists at an early stage in their practice and all UK art colleges are able to nominate a single student in their final course of study to be considered for it. We convened a panel of all the tutors for the eligible students and undertook a two stage process to identify one candidate. We used a simple scoring system and, whilst everyone got some points, one person was a clear winner and that was Arlene Sharp.

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Study event review: ‘Collocations – pain & trauma’, Chatham Kent.

This was a study event with a big difference for me to all the others I have attended with OCA – instead of looking at other artist’s work, in this instance, I was the subject of the study visit.  

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Augmented Reality – what place does this have in art?

The primary focus for Artivive, going by their website, appears to be its use in galleries, but I was beginning to see the potential beyond that context. What if artists could add an audio track for people with literacy difficulties? Or a video of themselves talking about the work? Or how about a video comprising photos showing how the finished piece came about? 

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Student stories: Dr Linda Mayoux

Linda has recently submitted Advanced Practice and Visual Research for assessment. For these units Linda generated a substantial body of written work, extensive research, idea generation, mixed media experimentation, visual development, alternative layouts and final visual solutions.

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More Than Sum Parts: Exhibition News!

OCA students Kym (Coratin) Walker and Steve Meyfroidt are delighted their work ‘fragile power’ is currently on display in the RE:FORM Exhibition at Florence Arts Centre, North Cumbria. 

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