You have a story to tell, but the right words escape you

Finding the right words can be difficult, translating your thoughts to paper even harder. Writing Skills will help you learn writing techniques that will draw the words out of you. By keeping a writer’s notebook, and practising freewriting you will learn to keep writing.

You will also learn to observe the world around you and build description from that observation. From there you’ll begin to explore emotion, character, possessions, and motivations to flesh out the story.

And once you have characters, what will they say to each other? Dialogue between your characters explores emotion, and you’ll think about how to convey thoughts and feelings. You can explore writing from different points of view, and how that approach gives characters greater depth and agency.

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Through engaging with the five assignments in the course you’ll learn to develop your own distinctive creative style and voice, and method of expression. This could be formal, technical, journalistic, whichever you feel fits you best.

Taking the writing style you settle on, how do you then ensure you speak to your audience? You’ll look at simple language, and economy of language; why say 10 words when you could use three.

Combining this with other key skills such as critical reading, drafting, editing, and presentation, you will produce a portfolio of short pieces of writing that will stand you in good stead for developing your writing further.

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