As part of the #weareoca30 campaign we have launched an online gallery called showcase.
Work is selected from across disciplines after each assessment event to be displayed for a limited time in the gallery.
We will get in touch with chosen students to request a profile before each exhibition changeover. Not all our virtual rooms will feature work at all times but we hope to encompass work from all subject areas as and when.
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Leah Ingledew

My work focuses on illustrating for children and often has a local influence. My first children’s book, Ugly Ollie, is being published at the end of this month. It’s influenced by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling and is based in Berwick upon Tweed. This book is one of three that I created as part of my final project for Sustaining Your Practice.

Studying with the OCA has helped me achieve my dream of becoming an illustrator. Distance learning allowed me to fit my studies in around my family life without compromising on quality learning.

Lindsay Peaston

I spin ideas, juggle plot and character and twist myself into contortionist’s knots over lexical choices. I strain every sinew to listen out for my voice in the hope I will hear it emerge from my literary gymnastics. But when the knotty problems become too tight my OCA tutors know exactly which loop to pull to unravel my tangle of words. Their support and encouragement has given me belief in myself as a writer.

Writing is what I do: travel writing, short stories and memoir.  Some times I even dare to call myself a Writer…

Kirkwall to Sanday

The sky fits over the sodden islands like a sheet of unpolished steel. We drive through relentless drizzle from Marwick Head to Kirkwall. The roads are empty, but the fields are full of grazing geese; pink-footed and Icelandic greylags. They are honking cull-survivors. Murmurations of starlings fling themselves across the grey sky like a speckled rash…
Read the whole story here

Kim DePaolis

The ability to study for a Fine Arts degree from my home in France, and in my own time, is a wonderful thing and despite the distance I feel in good hands. My tutors at OCA have been supportive and above all insightful, daring me to experiment and encouraging me to wander off the path.  It takes some commitment to make the time (i.e., I no longer watch TV), but it’s absolutely worth it!

Clara Maciulis

So far I am loving my experience as an art student. It is fulfilling a very old dream for me to have started to drawn and paint.Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by trying to fit too much into my life, like everybody else studying online, I guess, but then it is so rewarding it is all worth it again! The studies give me the structure I need to actually prioritize creating art.

Catherine Levey

Since studying with the OCA I’ve had a good grounding in art history, and become immersed in the contemporary art world.  With help from my tutors, I’ve developed my painting beyond anything I could have ever imagined and learnt to make my work very personal to me.

Sorry, there's currently no work in this area. Watch this space for updates…

Sorry, there's currently no work in this area. Watch this space for updates…

Sorry, there's currently no work in this area. Watch this space for updates…

Angela Johnson

My practice focuses on exploring the complexities and challenges we face as human beings, both internally and externally, and the eternal question of how to define our humanity in this ever changing world.

David Hume

My time studying for a Painting degree with the OCA has been both very enjoyable and productive, It has widened my understanding of art and artists whilst also pushing me out of my comfort zone by using different media, styles and scale. This has resulted in developing a style of painting from which I have been able to produce and sell work in a gallery, a point I never expected to achieve. It is the encouragement, support and expertise of the tutors and staff that has enabled progress, I am still only part way through the journey, but feel I have come a long way, with more enjoyable years to follow.

Siobhan Meehan

My practice is an exploration of female identity and place in a specifically Irish context.  I use materials and processes from a wide range of disciplines, some of which have been gendered as masculine or feminine.  I use thread, collage, paint, print and textile processes to gather images of the female and reimagine them as presences that defy objectification.

Elizabeth Nunn

Before I was a photographer, I was a geologist. My scientific background strongly influences my evolving artistic practice. Nature is a recurring theme within my work, as is the process of construction and a sense of materiality.

Paraig O'Driscoll

Hi. I have always loved all forms of visual art so I decided to improve my skills by doing these OCA courses. The OCA provides me with the opportunity to balance academic studies with working and having a family life. I am studying on the Creative Arts degree and hope to use these skills in the future to teach, exhibit and sell work.

Mark Butler

Sculpting for me is re-discovering the art of play, but with heavier machinery and a lot of heat! My influences often have a scientific background, in the amazing forms that can be found in the microscopic world and their unseen influence on our world, or the layering of mapping information onto a landscape. I aim to pass on this wonder of the unseen through my work.

Studying with the OCA has been a great experience, introducing me to the world of art and helping me to develop my voice. I have been studying for 6 years now and am only half way through, but my aim is not to rush it but to get the most out of it.

Hugh Hadfield

My work is very varied at the moment which is one of the joys of the Illustration pathway. I’m being challenged to explore different media and new creative and technical approaches to making pictures.

My interest seems to lie in observational drawing and narrative storytelling and I’m looking to develop this through the course.

I live in Surrey and mostly work in London.

Neil Parker

My work for many years was in theatre lighting. When I wanted to return to study, the OCA provided me with the opportunity and flexibility to study illustration at degree level.

The support and critique from my tutors has been invaluable and continues to challenge me to develop my practice.

Mary-Joyce Davis

I am a Textile 3 design student specialising in Embroidery. Studying with the OCA has broaden my horizon in expressing myself visually and technically through fiber art. I love colour, texture and diversity in design inspired by my cultural heritage and travels.