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Study Event : Helene Schjerfbeck 

Join tutor Clare Wilson at the Royal Academy of Arts London on Sunday 13 October 2019. 

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Jenny Saville on Rembrandt

I have always thought that serious art is not just something put into the world by its makers to express their feeling or point of view or as a reaction to some external stimulus. It’s also in conversation with work made in the past, sometimes reluctantly, sometimes in spite of the artist’s intention. To a greater or lesser extent, all works of art join a continuum that stretches back to prehistory.

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What is your tutor up to? Jim Cowan

All over Britain art students of all ages are setting up end of year shows. From primary school to adult education, from higher education to post graduate, artworks are filling up boards for family and friends to view and assessors to scrutinise. Open House studio exhibitions are a particularly popular way to show your work to the general public and this year I have signed up for the Richmond ARThouse Open Studio event.  

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Showing at Home: Apples and Pears Gallery

Another solution is to use your home to show work. Clearing some wall space and hanging a show – taking the endeavour seriously – and inviting friends and fellow students to an opening will help you think about your work differently. It could also lead to you curating a small group show in the same space.

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Message to drawing and painting pathway undergraduates

Hello – I’m Emma Drye and I’m the new programme leader for both the drawing and the painting pathways. For everyone on those pathways, I wanted to write to you to introduce myself and some of my ideas.

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It’s something to take your time over, both in appreciating it, and developing your own art. Because, Fine Art is experimentation, how far can you push something, how far can you take it until it meets what you want it to do. It’s only through experimentation and trying new things and combinations that you’ll get there.

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