What is Psychogeography?

Is it an overused term impossible to define, or does it remain a useful creative tool for artists when looking to investigate place in an immersive and non-linear way?

How do different places make us feel and behave? What creative approaches might we take that respond to the histories of specific sites, their edgelands and margins? 

This short course will provide you with the framework in which to explore and investigate place in the company of experienced tutors and artists. 

Accessible from any level, you don’t need qualifications or knowledge to study and is fully accessible to those learning from a distance. If you are  an artist, student, or have an interest in psychogeography from any background and want to explore the approach psychogeography can offer, this course is for you. 

Through OCA’s virtual learning environment, you’ll access you colleagues on the course, your tutor, and the course materials. You’ll reflect and document your psychogeographic journey and experience through Padlet. And at the end of the course you’ll pull together your investigation into place using psychogeography.

This is an opportunity to be a part of a vibrant community of OCA artist-tutors who investigate place as part of their practice (photography, creative writing, sculpture and fine art) and who have been commissioned here to produce and share work that uses a psychogeographic approach.

This course is Continuous Professional Development accredited, so you can develop yourself whilst studying.

So take that opportunity, join the course now and start your psychogeographic journey.

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