Degree and foundation-level painting distance learning with OCA

The thrill of painting for our students is the personal relationship that each artist builds with material and technique.

Paint can literally create new spaces making it ripe for invention and critical and visual entanglements. There are as many types of paintings as there are painters, and through OCA courses you’ll learn from other artists as you develop your own intrinsic style.

However you choose to express your art, be it Impressionist, performance-based, pre-Raphaelite, or Cubist, you’ll learn new techniques and understand how the choices you make of media, colour, light, texture and more change the way a picture is presented and experienced.

Join us on a practical journey into paint, and learn how the decisions you make about your art shape the messages in each picture

Focused study into the discipline of painting can be found within our BA (Hons) Painting degree programme.

BA (Hons) Painting

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Or you can study painting alongside other complimentary practices in several other degree programmes.

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BA (Hons) Fine Art

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BA (Hons) Drawing

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BA (Hons) Creative Arts

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If you’re taking up the brush for the first time, or it’s been a while since you last dabbled in en plein air, why not take a look at our Foundations in Painting. Or maybe you’d like to bolster your drawing ability and confidence before starting on the degree programme, in which case, take a look at our Foundations in Drawing.

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Drawing - Open Foundation

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