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Student stories – Jane Murdock thumb

Student stories – Jane Murdock

The grant, by enabling the partaking of this exhibition, has produced some long-term affects including personally increasing my confidence in exhibiting and engaging with an audience directly but also an understanding knowing that the subject matter is one that is of societal and cultural interest and needs to be continued.

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Tutor news: Caroline Wright thumb

Tutor news: Caroline Wright

Caroline, alongside others, worked on SPIRAL, a project that explored multi-sensory dimensions of materials with disabled people. They aimed to explore if creative approaches could intersect with the work of UCL researchers to bring new and stimulating experiences to people.

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Student work: Moira Ratmoko thumb

Student work: Moira Ratmoko

Moira Ratmoko recently completed Sculpture 1: Starting out in 3D, on the BA (Hons) Fine Art pathway, creating a wide range of work exploring the boundaries of what sculpture can be. Moira often utilised the human body as a medium, embracing sculpture as a process to engage with the environment through performative actions and temporary installations.

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OCA News: Student Fees from August 2022 thumb

OCA News: Student Fees from August 2022

We are announcing today, Tuesday 17th May 2022, the fees which will apply to the next academic year (from 1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023).

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Augmented Reality – what place does this have in art? thumb

Augmented Reality – what place does this have in art?

The primary focus for Artivive, going by their website, appears to be its use in galleries, but I was beginning to see the potential beyond that context. What if artists could add an audio track for people with literacy difficulties? Or a video of themselves talking about the work? Or how about a video comprising photos showing how the finished piece came about? 

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LGBT+ History Month thumb

LGBT+ History Month

February is LGBT+ History Month in the UK, a month-long annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary history.

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OCA Fine Art: Call and Response thumb

OCA Fine Art: Call and Response

In March this year I was asked to host the first Call and Response session as part of BA (Hons) Fine Art group work, to look at different venues and collections around the world that were perhaps lesser known in relation to the different degree programmes offered at the OCA.

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Image-making and image-faking thumb

Image-making and image-faking

How do you balance healthy scepticism (and the urge to debunk) with openness to new information and the desire to believe?  Sometimes, when it comes to image-making and image-faking, all it takes is a few hoax fairy photos to remind you to maintain your sense of wonder…and look a little closer.

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