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Creative Arts

Degree-level creative arts distance learning with OCA

Studying a creative arts degree provides a unique opportunity for a learner to fulfil their creative potential through studying multiple disciplines.

Through this approach, learners have the opportunity to branch out in their choice of disciplines and choose conventional and unconventional mixes to create a personalised practice all of their own.

The clearest route for this interdisciplinary approach is the BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree programme, which allows for the structured study of two distinct disciplines, working towards an interdisciplinary practice at the higher stages.

What is a creative arts degree?

As an interdisciplinary specialism, creative arts can include art, design, and performing arts. Due to its scope, students who complete a creative arts degree enter a variety of careers – from retail to entertainment to education and much more.

Creative arts degrees are popular courses for students looking to develop vocational skills, with many refining their craft by gaining practical experience alongside their academic studies. Whether they decide to keep the focus of their creative arts degree broad or more specialised – the course will offer students the flexibility to learn and grow in a way that serves their own personal creative aspirations.

Study with one of the UK’s few specialist online arts colleges

OCA’s creative art courses offer students the opportunity to complete a degree at their own pace – leaving with a wide range of new skills as well as a recognised qualification from one of the UK’s few specialist art colleges offering online distance learning.

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BA (Hons) Creative Arts

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