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Critical reviews in Interior Design thumb

Critical reviews in Interior Design

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in some first year student reviews with the Interior Architecture degree course at Westminster University in London. As a tutor it’s really helpful for me to see the work of students at other institutions so that I have an idea of the wider picture of Interior Design education (and student output) in the UK today.

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Introducing our Interior Design External Examiner, Marianna Velissaropoulou thumb

Introducing our Interior Design External Examiner, Marianna Velissaropoulou

With assessment events held regularly three times a year, many of you will be familiar with what happens once you have completed the final assignment of your unit. But you might not know what happens in between the point that OCA staff have assessed your work, and the day that the confirmed result comes to you. Our current external examiner agreed to answer a few questions to throw some light on her role, what she most enjoys about being an external examiner with us at OCA, and whether she has any hints and tips for you as Interior Design students going forward for assessment.

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Department stories: Interior Design thumb

Department stories: Interior Design

The Architecture Room at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition has been curated this year by architect Peter Barber. The work on display shows enormous variety in approaches to spatial model making, and underlines the necessity of using this hands-on physical method of design development as a way of experimenting freely and creatively.

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What’s in a sketch?  thumb

What’s in a sketch? 

Firstly, sketching offers us a quick means to document our observations of different spaces and designs. No, these don’t have to be hyper realistic perspective sketches that show every detail. Instead, these are sketches that can be done quickly to explore various aspects of a design that might be helpful for us to understand more deeply to apply to our own designs. 

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Student stories: Tracy Walker thumb

Student stories: Tracy Walker

In this blogpost I’d like to introduce one of our most established interior design degree students – Tracy. Tracy has been studying with us for some time, and it has been great to see how far she has progressed on her learning journey with OCA over the last few years, and how much her design work has developed.

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Study event review: Interior Design & Garden Design thumb

Study event review: Interior Design & Garden Design

On a sunny Saturday in November a group of Interior Design and Garden Design students and tutors met up at the Royal Festival Hall on Londons’ SouthBank. It was a long anticipated event (delayed somewhat by Covid) that some had been looking forward to for two years!

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Interior Design: Reflecting on your work thumb

Interior Design: Reflecting on your work

As tutors, I realise we ask you to reflect on your work and your feedback a lot. Thinking back on my own experience, being asked to reflect on my own work was often the last thing I wanted to add to my constantly growing to do list as a student.  However, it quickly became apparent that this idea of reflecting on one’s work is actually something I’d need to do for the rest of my career as a designer.

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