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Degree and foundation-level photography distance learning with OCA

Photography is everywhere. It is the dominant form of visual communication across the globe. Access to camera technology has never been easier and as the barriers fall away we are all photographers now.

But whilst photographs capture moments in time and place, can we always believe what we see? What story do photographs tell and how do they do that? What tensions lie within the surface? Where does your photography fit?

On this course you’ll start to think about not just how to take pictures, but how to make them, how they function individually and sequentially. You’ll be introduced to the rich history of the photographic medium, exploring different genres, developing an understanding of wider photographic theory and begin to identify where your photographic work sits. By the end of the degree you’ll be able to communicate beyond your experience become open to the wider photographic global community.

If you’d like to explore what you can achieve with your photography, enrol on our BA (Hons) Photography degree now. There’s also crossover with our BA (Hons) Moving Image and Fine Art degrees, or you could combine your practice of photography with another discipline on our BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree.

If you’re new to higher education but know you want to study photography, our Foundation in photography is the perfect grounding before going onto the degree.

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BA (Hons) Photography

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BA (Hons) Creative Arts

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I don’t think I am the same photographer now as I was at the start of the course and that is thanks to really well designed coursework and my tutors. My photography was not really moving anywhere for years, it was logging different events, but photographically was not moving anywhere. I’m looking forward to taking it even further with the next unit – thanks for everything.

Frank Carr, OCA Photography Student

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