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Happy Movement thumb

Happy Movement

Student work uncovered – new painting student Emily Costello with a contribution from programme leader, Emma Drye. EC: Here is one of my temporary artwork pieces. I had the idea of creating a happy moving piece of a child outside playing. I used flour and a sieve to create it, I really love the details […]

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Ear to the ground—  On Photography Group work thumb

Ear to the ground— On Photography Group work

Robert Bloomfield and Dan Robinson As online group learning continues to gather pace across the college, we’d like to bring you a short update with the latest developments in Photography. For those who are new to OCA, or have not yet tried group work, these are video based discussions with students and tutors focusing on […]

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Student Story: Jane Weinmann thumb

Student Story: Jane Weinmann

I’ve just reached the end of my degree in Photography with the OCA and am excitedly waiting for the final results. As a well-trained student, it’s time for that one last reflection and a look back at where I came from.  When I started out on my degree a long time ago, I was always […]

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Focus Live – What is it? thumb

Focus Live – What is it?

Focus Live As part of a series on group work developments across the college, we invited the Focus Live group to blog about their current activity and direction. Focus Live — What is it?      Focus Live is a student-led bimonthly meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm UK time. Meets are friendly, open and informal, focusing on […]

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A (virtual) study visit with interview and Q&A thumb

A (virtual) study visit with interview and Q&A

A tour of the project Climacteric with OCA student Jane Weinmann In a live discussion, final year photography student Jane Weinman and OCA tutor Derek Trillo will talk about the strategies and approaches Jane used to develop her major project.   The focus will be on topics that students at any level might encounter, with specific […]

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The Process of Accepting Feedback. thumb

The Process of Accepting Feedback.

I critique as I read so you get my thoughts as I go. (Big smiley emoji). Excitement welled in my chest. I’d spent years writing my novel, and I was so proud of it. I’d found a critique group, posted my first chapter, and here it was: my very first critique. I could see it […]

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Short Film Collaboration – a painter and photographer talk thumb

Short Film Collaboration – a painter and photographer talk

Andrew Fitzgibbon (photography level 3) and Paul Butterworth (painting level 2) met up to discuss their recent collaboration on Andrew’s short film, Leeds and Liverpool. Paul, who is a professional actor, liked the idea of swapping modelling for some headshots and posted his suggestion on OCA Discuss. Andrew was near completing his BoW project and […]

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OCA & SANE: A new partnership thumb

OCA & SANE: A new partnership

We are very pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with the leading mental health charity SANE to support mental health. We are working together to deliver SANE’s new Creative Awards Scheme, a new initiative to enable people suffering from mental health or caring for people with mental health issues to access the visual arts and harness their creativity. 

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Fees for 2019/20 thumb

Fees for 2019/20

We are announcing today the fees which will apply in the next academic year (from 01 August 2019 to 31 July 2020). We want to keep fees low for all students whilst maintaining the high quality that students have come to expect from OCA.

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Don’t discount the benefits of being a student! thumb

Don’t discount the benefits of being a student!

Are you a fan of discounts? I know I am. Some just absolutely blow me away! See what I did there? No? Yes okay, I should probably quit while I’m ahead. All joking aside, the first thing I do before I purchase anything, is check if the store has a sale on or if they have any valid online voucher codes.

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