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Getting Assessed

When you've completed your Open course, you send a portfolio of your work to our head office to be assessed. Assessment events are held three times each year, in July, November and March.

Each student portfolio is reviewed by two internal assessors who agree the marks allocated between them. A sample of submissions are also subject to subsequent review by the external examiner(s), formally appointed by UCA.

OCA assessors are selected from the ranks of experienced tutors who have knowledge not only of OCA modules and teaching/learning processes, but also of assessment processes more widely in an HE context. All assessors are specifically approved by UCA, before taking on the additional, specialist role.

You will receive a percentage mark and feedback to help you with your next Open course. The marks given for courses at levels 1 and 2 help you understand where you are. The marks at level 3 determine the class of your degree.

When you have been assessed successfully at level 3, you will graduate from UCA and join us at the graduation ceremony which place in London every June.

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