"As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, but which words?"

At the heart of Expressing Your Vision is this quote from the film "The Da Vinci Code."

In Expressing Your Vision, if you know how to take pictures of something, the next step is to take a picture about something. Photography as a medium speaks its own language and can convey thoughts, emotions, different states in a single image. Consider the power of imagery, how an image can mean different things to different people.

Through Expressing Your Vision, you’ll learn how technical decisions you make affect the outcome of your photography work. This is in how the image itself looks, and in what it is communicating.

You’ll use photography as a tool to investigate how you respond to the images you take. You’ll explore how the changes you make in technique change the outcome, and your own reaction.

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Experiment, challenge, express your vision

Try new things, challenge the norm, and shatter preconceptions; you’ll be encouraged to experiment with settings, place, lighting, and structure. Learn how lens use affects the image and combines with other aspects. Think about how to control exposure and use other camera controls to get the effect you’re after.

The course assignments will get you to respond to a brief, using experimentation to try new things. You’ll then learn to select the most appropriate photographs, edit these, and present your work that best fits the brief.

You’ll see how other artists broke the mold to create their own unique vision. In addition, you’ll research and understand contemporary and historical practice and think about how these apply to your own practice.

In the process you will begin to create your own vision.

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