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Our Policies

Student Regulations, Handbooks and Policies

This page contains the current student handbooks, regulations, policies and procedures, underpinning the governance and management of all courses offered by the Open College of the Arts.

Enrolment on to an OCA Foundation, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate course is conditional upon students agreeing to familiarise themselves and complying with all applicable regulations and policies as listed below.

OCA Student Regulations take the form of both core and supplementary policies. The core policies are the most critical to know and understand in order to study at OCA. Supplementary policies cover areas and processes that students may need whilst studying; these policies are available as and when students need them.

Below are OCA’s Terms and Conditions, and after that the rest of the ‘core’ policies;

In this section you’ll find all of the ‘supplementary’ policies at OCA. These are important in their own right, but may not be needed or noticed all of the time whilst studying. For example, the Extensions and Deferrals policy is there for when students need more time to complete their studies or take a break from study.

Together, these policies and the ‘core’ policies make up the Student Regulations