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Without further ADO

If I could have my life narrated it would be voiced by Sir David Attenborough, so keeping this at the back of your mind as you read, let me introduce the Academic Development Officer team; myself Joanne and my colleague Edward. You are likely to have come across our pairing before in our previous guise as Course Support Officers.
Chameleonesque ADO are responsible for supporting learning and teaching developments across the college and managing a range of projects that develop, explore and support OCA’s approach to pedagogy. We work with OCA HQ, students and tutors donning when needed a metaphorical trilby, beret, stetson or fedora. Like a stealthy coleoid cephalopod we may not always be seen but we are there in the background and are known to exhibit bilocation activity.
These characteristics allow OCA to put access at the core of what we do, to join the dots between tutors and students and support opportunities in widening participation and tutor or student led initiatives. ADO are advocates of great teaching AND great learning. We make stuff happen.
Often hanging around near the water hole, one ADO needs a steady supply of tea – white and milky – while the other survives on dilute pop, both are known to react and move quickly with the chime of the butty van. ADO can sometimes be known to get agitated when spooked. To ensure the future of ADO, we need to work together to maintain a helpful, happy habitat to allow OCAs values to grow and so forth for ADO to feed off this crop, this ethos of open access creative arts education, to sustain their presence.

On location

It would be impossible to track ADO’s every move but our footprint is left across a breadth of areas. This has been a snapshot into the behind the scene antics of myself and Edward, but do remember as an OCA student you also have access to our subject-specific support. Hear our roar!

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