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Degree and foundation-level drawing distance learning with OCA

Drawing has long been valued for its readiness to impart knowledge, express an idea, represent something observed, or conjure something directly from invention. This broader context, from figure drawing to map making, is at the heart of one of the few specialist drawing degrees in the country.

You’ll be taken on a personal journey, developing a distinctive voice through drawing as a language.

Take a look at the drawing courses we offer and begin your journey with OCA.

BA (Hons) Drawing

In depth study into the practice of drawing can be found within our BA (Hons) Drawing degree.

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Related Degree Programmes

You can also study the art of drawing alongside other complementary practices in many of our other degree programmes.

An example of a Fine Art students work

BA (Hons) Fine Art

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An example of a BA (hons) Painting students work

BA (Hons) Painting

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An example of a BA (hons) visual communications students work

BA (Hons) Visual Communications

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Illustration Work by an BA (hons Illustration student

BA (Hons) Illustration

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An example of creative arts typeface

BA (Hons) Creative Arts

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Introduction to drawing

If drawing is new to you, or haven’t tried for some time, our different foundations courses provide an introduction. These courses range from observational drawing, to drawing for other practices such as textiles.

Drawing students work example

Drawing - Open Foundation

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Example of students work

Drawing for Textile Art, Design and Fashion - Open Foundation

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Drawing from the past example of students work

Drawing from the Past - Open Foundation

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