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What’s in a sketch?  thumb

What’s in a sketch? 

Firstly, sketching offers us a quick means to document our observations of different spaces and designs. No, these don’t have to be hyper realistic perspective sketches that show every detail. Instead, these are sketches that can be done quickly to explore various aspects of a design that might be helpful for us to understand more deeply to apply to our own designs. 

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The Patricia Farrar Award for Painting thumb

The Patricia Farrar Award for Painting

I am delighted to announce that OCA level 3 student Anna Barnard was selected as the 2022 winner of this prize.

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OCA News: Creative Arts – A review of our programme thumb

OCA News: Creative Arts – A review of our programme

The online department has produced more communities of practice and allowed us to meet and communicate more readily with students as a group of engaged, diverse creatives, which has been a great move forward.

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Student stories: Tracy Walker thumb

Student stories: Tracy Walker

In this blogpost I’d like to introduce one of our most established interior design degree students – Tracy. Tracy has been studying with us for some time, and it has been great to see how far she has progressed on her learning journey with OCA over the last few years, and how much her design work has developed.

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Student stories: Luke Shephard thumb

Student stories: Luke Shephard

Photography What is The Food Bank Photo Project? Times are tough and what started out as an assignment for my photography degree has grown into a project that I have continued to pursue. Taking pictures of the locations of food banks around the UK. These are not pretty pictures, but they are important pictures of […]

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