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Culinary tools and notational drawing / Eating space and drawing eating

There is value in exploring food within interior design because we can use this to engage our audiences and help them to understand our design intentions. Food isn’t the only thing that we all have in common, but it is a universal language of ingredients, processes and tools that we can all understand.

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Student Association study event: Visual Art and Text

Join Bryan Eccleshall for two workshops (each two hours long) to explore how text has been used in visual art and to develop your own way of doing it.

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Interior Design: What is luxury?

Within interior design, there are definitely certain connotations when it comes to the idea of luxury. The most often association of luxury within interior design is expense. This can be realised in a variety of ways, such as the glitz and glamour of traditional palaces or in the solitary minimalism of contemporary spaces. But I wanted to recap and expand upon some of the ideas of luxury that were discussed by the group. Luxury can mean so many things to different perspectives. 

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A fruitful feedback session

Some feedback can be seen as daunting, unpredictable, too long, too  dominating and a little bit too nice. But it is up to you how you want to direct it; you have ownership and drive it in a way which suits you. What do students  want from feedback sessions? Critique, direction, progress, ruthlessness,  compliments?  

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OCA events: Hexham Book Festival  

This year, some festivals are staying online, to prevent having to cancel at a later date. But the established Hexham Festival, established in 2006, is planning to go ahead next month in beautiful Northumberland.  We’re delighted that three of our creative writing tutors will be running workshops at the event.

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OCA Student Association study event: Paul Harfleet, artist’s talk

OCA students are invited to join Artist Paul Harfleet via zoom on Saturday 12 June at 2pm to hear him talk about his work.

Harfleet plants pansies at the site of homophobic abuse; he finds the nearest source of soil to where the incident occurred and generally without civic permission plants one unmarked pansy.

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For the last ‘Expressing Your Vision’ groupwork session we decided to try something a little bit different and invited all EYVers from March assessment to share the best of their submissions with their fellow students. The idea was more for a celebration than a crit, but with such a creatively diverse set of assignments there were plenty of questions to be asked and the session naturally developed into a wide ranging discussion on different aspects of the course and photography in general. 

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