Why regard photography as language?

What skills does this kind of theory-led practice offer to photographers, visual practitioners, and researchers of visual communication?

Photography has taken centre place in the cultural representation of ourselves and our mediated world. With photography accessible to anyone with a camera or smartphone, there is freedom to portray and amend our perceptions of what we see, a distortion of reality. As social media has bloomed through Facebook and Instagram, users and viewers miss out the necessary critique of an image and what that is trying to tell us.

Instead of being told what photography is, you will be introduced to key approaches to thinking in photographs and making photographic work. Instead of being told what to think about photography you will be offered the theoretical and technical skills on how to think about and through photography.

You will be introduced to the nature of photographs from a historical perspective and through contemporary development. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the key concepts which highlight the cultural importance of photography as well as the cultural impositions upon it.

We will engage with the technical aspects of photography and how they extend to the way we see, perceive and feel photographs. Most crucially we will explore the communicative potential of the photograph as a sign within the photographic visual language.

This online course assumes no prior knowledge. If you a budding photographer, interested in photography as a communicative language and tool, this is the course for you.