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Creative Writing

Degree and foundation-level creative writing distance learning with OCA

The study of creative writing supports the discovery of your own voice as a writer.

It can help you on your way to become an effective writing practitioner, in your favourite literary form. Whether it’s poetry, scriptwriting, novels, life writing, short fiction, or even writing for children, our range of courses in creative writing can open up the possibilities for you to enhance your writing style and choices.

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BA (Hons) Creative Writing

If you feel you were born to write, or are committed to becoming a writer, the BA (Hons) Creative Writing degree programme is the place to start.

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BA (Hons) Creative Arts

The BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree will allow you to combine your writing with another creative practice, maybe illustration or photography, and create something unique.

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Foundations in Creative Writing

If you’re not sure about embarking straight onto a degree, why not take a look at our Foundations in Creative Writing.

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