Key Steps in Illustration

Key Steps in Illustration is the ideal starting place for every budding illustrator out there. Through creative drawing and image-making on this practical course you’ll learn what it is to be an illustrator. You’ll also understand practical context through research and reference material in developing ideas and visual outcomes.

Illustration is to visualise a character or concept and set it in front of us. As Milton Glaser said “illustrators – among the best of them is a unique ability to interpret the world.” Think the work of E.H. Shepard and the illustrations of Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows. Looking at the work of similar artists will inform your approach and develop your style.

Illustrators regularly work from briefs in professional practice; you’ll replicate this working from briefs, which you’ll analyse and generate ideas to meet the criteria. You’ll research around the subject to develop your ideas, and help you to express meaning in your work. You will develop an understanding of the basic visual language of illustration, explore mark-making and drawing, composition, framing, visual hierarchies and colour theory.


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How will I learn Key Steps?

Using a figure as a starting point, you’ll explore different tools and materials to achieve your intentions. You’ll explore the differences between your intentions and others perceptions, exploring subjective vs objective drawing.

You’ll also consider the interplay between text and image; what words is the image saying, and as importantly, not saying? Writing your own text will help you to tell your stories with text and image together.

Using sketchbooks as a tool, you’ll develop critical thinking, visual research, and idea generation. By looking at the work of others you’ll understand historical and contemporary contexts. With these, and the critique of your tutor and peers you’ll identify your own personal voice in image.

So if you’re a budding illustrator start here today.

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