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Is Distance Learning Right for Me?

Benefits of distance learning

There are many great advantages of distance learning courses – you can study from anywhere in the world, you can study at your own pace, and you can study while you work. This makes them a great option for mature students, full-time parents, disabled students who might find a university campus inaccessible, and anyone wanting to develop their creative skills from home.

Distance learning is flexible and accessible, but it’s not for everyone. If studying online isn’t your cup of tea, the best distance learning courses in the world might not even be right for you. At OCA we aim to offer the UK’s best online courses for our arts students, at an affordable price. As they’re exclusively delivered online, one of the advantages of distance learning courses is that they’re often cheaper than their university-based counterparts.

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How long will a distance learning course take?

Unlike other university courses, part-time undergraduate or master’s degrees studied at home can be completed over a number of years. This means you can study at a steady pace that fits in with your life. Assessments through distance learning courses are typically more flexible than other courses, so you can consult with your tutors and submit work for assessment when you’re ready.

If you’re looking to gain knowledge and skills to help your creative career across a series of weeks, rather than years, short term distance learning courses are a great option. These accredited online courses will give you the qualifications to help kick start your career (or take you to the next level). If you’re not looking for a qualification, personal development courses can also be beneficial for your artistic growth.

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