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Student stories: Richard Montgomery thumb

Student stories: Richard Montgomery

It’s a small win, but one that will help my confidence in moving forward with my studies and towards writing a work of Strombolian dimensions. Who knows, I might even give this competition thing another go. Now where’s my chequebook?

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OCA’s online degree showcase – Live! thumb

OCA’s online degree showcase – Live!

I am delighted to announce that our first ever degree showcase at OCA launches this week at https://showcase.oca.ac.uk/. Students from the Creative Arts, Creative Writing, Painting, Photography and Textiles undergraduate degrees are all represented and the work is absolutely stunning.

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Two aleatory compositions thumb

Two aleatory compositions

Aleatory music is an umbrella term that seeks to cover a diverse range of experimental music in which compositional control is partially or totally given up by the composer.

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Student stories: Emma Arandjelović thumb

Student stories: Emma Arandjelović

One of the most useful elements of OCA study visits is the chance for students to gain an insight into real-life creative scenarios and experience the complexities of day-to-day professional practice. In addition, study visits can often sow the seed for further projects and opportunities.

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Student Association study event: Visual Art and Text thumb

Student Association study event: Visual Art and Text

Join Bryan Eccleshall for two workshops (each two hours long) to explore how text has been used in visual art and to develop your own way of doing it.

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OCA Music: The virtual choir project thumb

OCA Music: The virtual choir project

With in-person study visits, especially those involving singing, off the cards due to the pandemic, we had to think somewhat outside of the box to get a composition workshop together in 20/21! With a handful of singers within the student body of the music department, we decided to give a ‘Virtual Choir’ project a try.

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Music and Maths 4: Probability and Composition thumb

Music and Maths 4: Probability and Composition

In the last blog post we looked at how strict processes can be used in composition, taking examples mostly from minimalist composers. In this post we’ll be looking at a more open-ended type of process: probabilistic decision making. In the process music we looked at last time, each rule had a single possible interpretation, exactly […]

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Foundations Music: Resources thumb

Foundations Music: Resources

Sometimes during study we can hit a stumbling block which we can’t immediately solve by ourselves. When this happens, please don’t suffer in silence or let your studies fall by the wayside. Instead, reach out to your fellow students or your tutor if you’ve hit a brick wall and don’t know how to overcome it. […]

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