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To find out more details about the transfer to The Open University see A New Chapter for OCA.
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OCA is evolving

The slideshow below provides an overview of changes to the areas of learning, teaching, assessment and curriculum at OCA. Press play to view or download a copy of the slideshow here Student Comms_ OCA is Evolving or pdf version here Student Comms_ OCA is Evolving.

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Posted by author: Moira Lovell
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3 thoughts on “OCA is evolving

  • Thanks for sharing this in such a clear and professional way – it’s really good to know what’s happening.

    Exciting times ahead!

    I was just wondering whether now we’re ‘part of’ the UCA whether our degrees are accredited by the UCA (where the UCA gives the OCA the right to award its own degrees) or awarded by the UCA?

    And I still don’t understand how we’re partners and part of the UCA at the same time?

    If anybody can answer either of those questions I’d be really pleased.

    And good luck managing all the changes.

    Best, Paul

  • This evolution is indeed very exciting and widening access especially welcome.
    I live close to Canterbury and see UCA’s promotional materials that state clearly that OCA is their distance learning partner. Huge opportunities ahead for both institutions I am sure.

  • A real positive move ahead, what is refreshing is that many of the comments made by students have been listen to and acted upon, i am quite envious of the new students as i am now coming to the end of my OCA journey.

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