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More Than Sum Parts: Exhibition News!

OCA students Kym (Coratin) Walker and Steve Meyfroidt are delighted their work ‘fragile power’ is currently on display in the RE:FORM Exhibition at Florence Arts Centre, North Cumbria. 

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OCA Music: The virtual choir project

With in-person study visits, especially those involving singing, off the cards due to the pandemic, we had to think somewhat outside of the box to get a composition workshop together in 20/21! With a handful of singers within the student body of the music department, we decided to give a ‘Virtual Choir’ project a try.

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Art-Scientific:  A student collective. Are you interested?

Art-Scientific is a cross-discipline collective recently set up by a group of OCA students interested in exploring scientific themes within their art practice. The group is open to any student with an interest in exploring links and connections between art and science.

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On collaboration 

To study as a distant learner with OCA might seem to be a lonely endeavour. However, there are many ideas and opportunities to collaborate with fellow students. Collaboration can be a core to one’s contemporary art practice. It goes beyond the making of a shared object. 

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A musical collaboration for World Oceans Day

I’ve just completed a short collaborative piece with Music Programme Leader Carla Rees in celebration of World Oceans Day, which occurs every year on June 8. Across the world there are close to 3000 events in 150 countries designed to celebrate and focus our attention onto the value of the world’s oceans and what we can do to conserve and protect them and allow them to flourish.

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