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Student stories: Enterprise grant success

As an art student / artist applying for and getting £100 pounds to spend on art is always nice. When I saw the email asking us to apply, I didn’t actually expect anything to come of it but happily it did and the only thing left to do was to decide how and what to […]

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Patricia Farrar coloured my world

I am heartbroken to have to share the news that OCA student and artist Patricia Farrar passed away at the weekend.

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Student Story: Jane Weinmann

I’ve just reached the end of my degree in Photography with the OCA and am excitedly waiting for the final results. As a well-trained student, it’s time for that one last reflection and a look back at where I came from.  When I started out on my degree a long time ago, I was always […]

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A conversation between Foundations Drawing student David Csaba and tutor Cheryl Huntbach

It may be interesting for prospective students, and others to know a little about your background, your life, and art experience prior to your OCA studies- for example from where you originate (how this may or may not inform your own studies / drawing work / process.   My name is Csaba David and I have  […]

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In conversation: OCA tutor Katrina Whitehead & Fine Art student Ana Barahona. 

I am sure we would all agree that life can get in the way of studying via distance learning and that our time management could always be better. I have already been sat at my laptop since 7am and after answering a few emails and doing a bit of on-line ‘housekeeping’, I ask myself, where has the last hour gone?  However, as a tutor, it is always encouraging when students have completed their OCA unit within the deadline and there can also be some students who complete their studies despite experiencing some difficult life and personal circumstances. 

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Linda Cassidy – from OCA foundations to UCA BA

Congratulations to our Open College of the Arts (OCA), Foundations Drawing student Linda Cassidy, whom is about to embark on the University of the Creative Arts (UCA), at Farnham, BA (Hons) Fine Art undergraduate programme.  

Linda was interviewed, about her experience on the Foundations Drawing unit, by Cheryl Huntbach, Unit Leader, tutor and assessor.

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On a glorious June morning OCA students celebrated the culmination of their study at the Royal Festival Hall in London. 91 students graduated across Creative Arts, Painting, Photography, Visual Communications, Textiles, Creative Writing and our MA Fine Art. Those that could attend the ceremony were also invited to a special gathering specifically for OCA students and their guests.

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From OCA student to published author – one student’s experience.

“Take your writing seriously. If you don’t, no one else will. Don’t try to do a perfect first draft. You should see mine – they’re pathetic. Writing is re-writing.”

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In conversation with: Martin Evans

It has given me the confidence to believe in my work and my ability as a composer, justifying the efforts I made in the writing, developing and refining this score. Also, as mentioned above, it fulfilled my dream of hearing one of my compositions performed live, by other musicians.

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