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Study visit review: London group study day thumb

Study visit review: London group study day

Our practical session was centred on ideas generation and how to generate multiple visual experiments from a single starting point. Taking a crumpled piece of A4 paper as our subject, we first drew its form, then experimented with scale and composition.

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Susan Oakley thumb

Susan Oakley

It has often been commented upon and especially by assessors looking at student submissions that too often the best work is to be found in the sketchbook. At a time when students should be pulling out all the stops and presenting work that is filled with experimentation and confident resolutions their most successful work is buried deep inside their sketchbooks in danger of being lost or overlooked at this most crucial of times.

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What Should My Sketchbook Contain? thumb

What Should My Sketchbook Contain?

Several of my OCA students have asked me what should be in their sketchbook and so this blog post is a summary of my personal views on student sketchbooks. Please feel free to leave feedback and turn this into a live debate!

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The art of keeping a sketchbook thumb

The art of keeping a sketchbook

An insight into a student-led collaboration between Music and Fine Art Over the last half year I’ve had the pleasure of visiting exhibitions of two artists local to the North East of Scotland. I was taken by surprise to find – among the seascapes of Frances Walker and Kate Downie – a similar little gem, […]

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