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Creative Arts Showcase 2023 - The Open College of the Arts
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Creative Arts Showcase 2023


The Creative Arts Showcase is now in its third year and is an end of academic year presentation from our students. We thank all our students who chose to participate and for their enthusiasm in putting forward their work this year. Our Creative Arts students are dynamic and creatively diverse in nature. The degree is interdisciplinary and provides students with a wide range of skills and themes to develop their creative voices. We hope you enjoy our showcase, and we look forward to sharing more of our students’ accomplishments in the future.

Our dedicated tutor and curator, Diana Ali, shared her insights on the gathering of Creative Arts students as they celebrated their showcase. Students assembled to discuss and exchange thoughts on each other’s work, mainly focusing on the themes and subjects that resonated with their artistic endeavours. This exchange of ideas reassured them that their chosen paths of inquiry were worth pursuing.

During the event, two students decided to collaborate, emphasising the importance of collaborative efforts and reinforcing the unit’s underlying encouragement of teamwork. This collaboration revealed that working together is a valid and fruitful approach. It was particularly inspiring to see stage 3 students actively participating, as this opened up new possibilities and horizons for students in stages 1 and 2. One student was able to showcase her work in the public sphere, which was met with enthusiastic engagement and celebration from fellow students. Informal conversations were buzzing throughout the event as students discussed various techniques, processes, and methodologies, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge and inspiration.

Overall, the showcase left our students feeling valuable and filled with a sense of celebration. Their artworks were proudly exhibited and received due recognition, marking an important milestone in their creative journeys.

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