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Stan Dickinson

OCA tutor and assessor Andrea Norrington looks at the work of BA Hons Photography student Stan Dickinson. She speaks about Stan’s time line sketchbook which he created as part of his Sustaining Your Practice unit.

Stan Dickinson – Andrea Norrington from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.
Here is Stan’s work:

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Posted by author: Alice Morris
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16 thoughts on “Stan Dickinson

  • I’ve followed this work (and pretty much all the preceding work over the years) and have never ceased to be less than inspired by Stan’s approach and creative energy. Great to have been witness to it Stan – see you in a couple of weeks to celebrate! Well done!

  • Agreed John, it is interesting to watch our ‘seniors’ finishing off and taking inspiration from them. It would be nice to be closer and have more direct contact.
    Stan, another question. I could not make out whether this was all computer generated or collaged or a mixture of both. It seems so neat I was leaning to the former.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Stephanie/John/Doug, I’m blushing the colour of the ‘drapes’ in Stephanie’s profile pic! (And I can even live with ‘senior’!)
    Yes, it’s a digital construct, Doug; I did it in Photoshop.

  • Congratulations Stan. Like Stephanie and John I have enjoyed and been privileged to watch the work develop over the last couple of years. Well-deserved success.

    • Thanks Mike – I’m grateful for everyone’s support & encouragement over the last few years.

  • Thanks for sharing Stan. As someone who is about to embark on level 3 and become a “senior” it is very inspirational, if a bit daunting, to see the very creative and professional presentation of someone reaching the final module.
    Well done and good luck with whatever next

    • Thanks, but less of the ageism! 🙂 See you Weds evening at your MA show – looking forward to it.

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