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Open Ears – new podcast from the Open College of the Arts

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast from the OCA music team: Open Ears – from the Open College of the Arts.

In Open Ears we investigate and celebrate the massive diversity of music making which exists in our world today by talking with musicians from a wide range of artistic traditions and practices about their musical lives, and how they’ve navigated through their careers.

Our guests in this first season include Grammy-winning composers, musicians from jazz, opera, classical and experimental musical traditions, and multi-media composers who use music alongside with other art forms and senses.

The podcast is now available on all standard podcast platforms and on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5gjrW2nbbz18RsaZKWPsvG

(A captioned version will be available on YouTube shortly, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCQhAZIxWknZQSQtF3ZwYQ)

In this first episode, I interview Christopher Tin, an American composer best known for his work on video game soundtracks. His piece Baba Yetu was the first piece of music composed for a video game to win a Grammy award, and he is in fact currently nominated for two more Grammys for best video game soundtrack and best classical compendium. (So good luck Christopher!)

In this interview we discuss Christopher’s music and influences, how he works as an artist, and how he’s built a career from lots of different types of work within the music industry.

I would love to hear any feedback anyone has. Whether positive, negative or otherwise this will help us deliver a better show going forward. I’m going to start a thread in the student forum as a space for any discussion of the episode, or the project in general.

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