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Tutor news: Hayley Lock - The Open College of the Arts

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Tutor news: Hayley Lock

OCA tutor Hayley Lock has curated a new show in London – Frequencies (for healing) – open now until mid June.

Nature according to the French philosopher, theorist and writer Michel Serres is conceived etymologically as relating to the Latin Natura, to that ‘which is born, is born and will be born’ (Serres, 2020) and considers a subject or object that is ever evolving, changing, responding to and of itself. For him, the genesis of everything involves communication from molecular code to the genetic coding of living things, to pixels of information with a recording medium made up of forms of noise and interference that can never be excluded completely from systems of information exchange.

The agency of nature is seen as the ongoing enactment of the world with its interrelations of both artificial and natural elements, acting and responding. It is not the mute, passive ground of human action but instead is a vibrant energetic space to which all things human and non – human communicate, constantly in motion, vibrating, oscillating, resonating at varying frequencies.

Tuning in to the hum of nature and its dynamic agential forces, Frequencies (for healing) invites eight artists to contemplate nature through drawings, paintings, prints, ceramics and sound.

Find out more here.

The venue is:

Confer and Karnac
Strype Street
E1 7LQ

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