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Working in a domestic space

As part of the What if … blog post [] I mentioned the work of photographer and OCA tutor, Andy Hughes.  

His approach to photographing objects in his Dominant Wave Theory gives examples of how you create your own landscape.

West Beach, Porthmeor Beach, Cornwall. 2003 by Andy Hughes

[link to website –]

As Andy is one of the photography tutors for OCA, I contacted him to ask about the work.

He shared some images that he had already taken in his back garden.  I then asked him some questions regarding this work.

Title: Garden Still Life 2010 by Andy Hughes

What have you found the main difference between working in a domestic space compared to your previous locations?

Living in Cornwall means I have access to ‘space’ but my home dwelling is an 18th Century very small Cottage. I made these garden images soon after I had moved from a larger house with a studio to this more confined property. Given the change in circumstances and the fact, I had just finished a major project I remember feeling a little ‘lost’ when I took these images. Looking back at them now I see some potential in them. The sprouting potatoes seem to have found new meaning in the time of the Covid-19 virus. I was just thinking yesterday perhaps I should plant some in a bucket to grow in our very small garden?

Title: Garden Potato Still Life 2019 by Andy Hughes

How can you see this project developing under the current restrictions?

Looking back at past work is crucial for me, whilst today many of us are preoccupied with the now and the new re-thinking older work can be really useful too.

Take a look at your older work and think about it, ask yourself does the work still fee relevant, if not why not, if it does why do you think so?

I’m planning to use a blacklight later this week with another potato still life, I’m looking forward to reinterpreting this photograph.

Many thanks to Andy for his cooperation and supplying images to use.

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