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Group work: OCA Music

We will be holding a monthly online group session for music students during the remainder of the academic year. The sessions will be covering a range of themes and topics, and will take place on a variety of platforms including Zoom and Padlet. Each session will last around an hour and will be recorded so that anyone unable to attend can catch up later.

  • Fri 24 Jan 7-8pm – Listening and learning logs Q&A
  • Sat 29 Feb 4-5pm – performance class
  • Mon 23 March 7-8pm – Listening group (discussion on a specific piece of music)
  • Sun 26 Apr 3-4pm – preparing for assessment
  • Wed 27 May 7-8pm – Ask the PL
  • Thurs 25 Jun 7-8pm – Listening group
  • Sun 26 Jul 3-4pm – Listening group or performance class (tbc)

If you would like to take part in any of the sessions, or have access to the recordings after the event, please sign up on the Google Form here [https://forms.gle/MXMi3XcqacKGUMUK7] and joining instructions will be sent out nearer the time. 

Please contact me with any questions. Looking forward to seeing you at an online meeting soon!

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Posted by author: Carla

3 thoughts on “Group work: OCA Music

  • Hi Carla
    I can’t attend tonight’s online forum unfortunately. However, I’d like to make a suggestion re Learning & Listening Logs. I’m currently processing the assessment data for my first module, ‘From the Present to the Past’ via the GDrive folder. Early on in the course I decided to segregate ‘ Exercises & Research Points’ from general listening data. I note that this segregation is required under the GDrive criteria. Would it not be sensible for students to be encouraged to adopt this method at the outset, to assist collation work when submitting data for assessment?

  • Hi Colin,

    We usually recommend that the listening log is kept separate from the rest of the learning log so that it’s easy to locate, and that the different elements of the learning log are organised under menu items on a blog. However, we also encourage students to take a personal approach to the learning logs so that they can present their work in a way which suits them best. Learning logs can be presented as blog URLs for assessment so do not necessarily need to be separated into the different elements – the folders are there as prompts to make sure you submit everything that’s required, but as long as the assignment work and tutor reports are submitted in the correct folders, the learning log can be presented in whatever digital form the student feels is most appropriate to their work. Some students prefer to make their learning logs as Word documents rather than blogs, and for them uploading to the correct folders can help to ensure all the material is included.

  • Hi Carla, I am getting worried now as I have all my listening logs and reading work and all my research in hard copy format only. I am on try first Module from the Present to the past.Do I need to transfer these online. I can do it but am rather concerned that I am going to fall further behind. Can you advise me. I can produce these as word documents and just type up what I have written. HELP!!

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