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In conversation with: Robin Haigh

Robin Haigh is a composer from London. In 2017 he became one of the youngest ever recipient of a British Composer Award at the age of 24. As well as being commissioned by the UK’s most prestigious ensembles and institutions such as the LSO, Britten Sinfoniaand Sage Gateshead, he has collaborated closely with leading ensembles of his own generation including the Ligeti Quartet and The Hermes Experiment.

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In Conversation with: Sabine Roth

“Her talent lies in combining traditional materials with contemporary techniques and in materialising the ephemeral as she uses new technologies as a research method and inspiration in her design process.”

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In conversation with: Rahel Pfrommer

“I was always fascinated by different materials and techniques. During my jewellery studies, textiles and especially the process of weaving and textiles construction has become a big focus. The contrast between the hard metal and the soft thread caught my attention.”

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In conversation with: Lucy Benson

I’m constantly fascinated with how light can transform the perception of a space and the relationship between light and materials. My use of materials and processes are the result of my exploration of different planes, distortion, translucency, line and structure.

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In conversation with: Christine Molloy

Christine Molloy and Joe Lawler direct films under the name Desperate Optimists. They started out devising theatre and moved into film, and their experience of working with actors on stage comes through in their films.

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In conversation: Bethan Hamilton

“I would say self portraits grant you a lot more freedom than portraits do. When drawing friends I worry about causing offence by focusing on their ‘imperfections’. But it’s those imperfections that make a person who they are. When drawing myself I don’t think twice about depicting every dark shadow, every wrinkle, misplaced hair or roll of fat.”

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