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Exposition and context. Why, why why? thumb

Exposition and context. Why, why why?

Caroline Wright (OCA MA Fine Art unit leader) raises lots of questions about the purpose of exhibiting art. This five minute segment of her first lecture in the online MA Fine Art programme gives a taste of the sort of issues that are raised for discussion within the 15 strong MA cohort, and poses questions that will also be relevant for many art and photography undergraduates at OCA: in fact the topic also has relevance for musical performance and publication as well. Why, as creative practitioners, do we feel it necessary to have an audience? Should we feel obliged to have an audience? Can’t we just be creative for ourselves or is the creative process always about communicating the creative output to others?

Caroline also looks at the role of museums and galleries in mediating this communication and the role of the gallery in raising the status of artists. This short sequence ends rather abruptly (since we can’t post the entire lecture here) but does provide a thought provoking introduction to the whole subject of exhibiting, which is a central theme in this module: Professional Context, which is one of the two modules studied by the MA Fine Art students in the first year of the four year part time programme.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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