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How tall would you stand for freedom of expression? thumb

How tall would you stand for freedom of expression?

How important is freedom of expression to you? How far does public status/fame/celebrity as an artist protect you? Ai Weiwei had reason to be an outspoken artist for up to a short while ago he was the only creative voice daring to express views that challenged the status quo in China, and seemed to all around, to be untouchable. But, alas, the authorities have now arrested him. Tate Modern has a large FREE AI WEIWEI mast on the side of it. They have also recently produced a moving video of him talking here
So, the new Miro exhibition at Tate Modern has a contemporary parallel with Ai WeiWei, in so far as Miro reflected the society in which he lived with every mark he made. He was lucky in that his voice was never silenced, nor was he arrested. However, he took refuge from Franco’s regime in Mallorca but thankfully lived to see democracy restored in 1979. The fabulous exhibition at Tate Modern (which runs until September) is a visualisation of the politics and tumult of the 20th century, with the climax in 1968, the year of student revolution and protest, the year in which Miro burnt holes in his canvases, threw paint onto them, and demonstrated all his anger and spleen through his art as an expression of the change that was unfurling across Europe.

There is a blog on the Tate website on which you can comment on the Miro exhibition.

There is an intro to Miro, his work, his personality, his home and the things that made him tick on the Tate website here. There is also an interesting summary of the key works in the exhibition on the BBC website, introduced by the exhibition’s curator Matthew Gale. You can take a look at this interview here.
OCA is pleased to announce that there will be a Miro Study day at Tate Modern on Saturday 13th August. It starts at 12 midday and ends at 3.30pm. We have 8 free tickets for the first OCA students to apply. Students will be accompanied by Fine Art tutor Richard Liley, who will be available throughout the visit and to talk about the show afterwards. Email enquiries@oca-uk.com to gain a place. Please do not comment asking for a place below.

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