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Announcing the Visual Communications degree at OCA - The Open College of the Arts
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Announcing the Visual Communications degree at OCA

By OCA student Paul Washer

We are delighted to announce that we now have a new Visual Communications degree at the Open College of the arts validated by the University for the Creative Arts. The Design Council’s Industry Insights Report 2010 highlights that 87% of design consultants employ less than 10 staff, supporting the view that emerging designers need to have the skills to be able to work in small teams and to be able to establish themselves in small businesses and as freelancers.
This degree aims to prepare students to become visual communicatons professionals and autonomous learners, capable of applying their intellectual and creative skills in a chosen area in employment, further study, or life-long learning.
The beginnings of this exciting new degree pathway are already in place with Illustration and Graphic Design at level one. We will soon be adding Book Design to the choices at level one (though you may also choose from a variety of other courses already available at OCA for your third option in this pathway). At level two the choices will include book design, illustration and graphic design. (there will be other options available too, Just click here to see the full list of courses available).
By OCA student Jereme Crow

The first new course to be available at this level will be Illustration 2. Finally there will be two units in an open framework at level three: one focusing on building research skills and the other on developing professional practice. The pathway has been designed to offer flexibility for those wishing to focus specifically on graphic design, illustration or book design, or study more broadly across the range of Visual Communications.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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5 thoughts on “Announcing the Visual Communications degree at OCA

  • Go you Jereme!
    Amano, when I read this, I also had a smile appear on my face. I’ve enjoyed the assignments in photography where design elements are present, like the last book cover design (As. 2 in PWDP)…
    The thing is, I’m not into drawing much, which I wish I were, because ages back I actually considered trying to get into a uni to do architecture. Maybe life has interesting turns, and who knows, this might be one? 🙂

    • Hi Alli
      For the new course, just as soon as they are written. The way it works is we describe the courses in the validation documents and then commission authors. We will be publishing the Degree Handbook in late spring and the new courses will start coming through from autumn onwards.
      Hope this helps

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