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Fees for 2016/17 - The Open College of the Arts
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Fees for 2016/17

We are announcing today the fees which will apply in the next academic year (from 1 September 2016).
New Students
For new undergraduate and foundations students fees will stay unchanged.
Protected Students
For undergraduate students who started before 1 September 2015 who fall into one of the two protected fees groups, there is very little change. Course fees will increase by £10, which is typically an increase of 1% or lower.
A full schedule of fees is available to download here
We are pleased that in a time of considerable economic uncertainty we have been able to maintain our fees unchanged for new students and increase fees for protected students below the rate of inflation.
Gareth Dent

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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5 thoughts on “Fees for 2016/17

  • OCA’s real concern about the cost of fees for its students does it great credit. As a parent trying to help two boys through uni, I am truly grateful that I have not had to choose between continuing my studies and helping them. Thank you for fee protection.

  • I want to express my sincere gratitude to OCA’s, and it comes in a very exceptional time of political as well as economical movements following. To be honest as a EU citizen, I was very much uncertain about the impact it could have on my study. Now at this point, I feel so proud to have the ability to continue my study with OCA, especially when it comes to the art = UK, and not only for the great lecture’s quality, but also for concern about the access to this knowledge. Thank you so much!

  • I want to thank Gareth Dent, Elizabeth Underwood, and staff (each of you, who are unnamed, did such a nice job–you are not overlooked!) for situating a lovely luncheon and graduation ceremony. It was truly a pleasure to meet the very kind and warm Gareth Dent, in person. I was delighted to meet everyone! All the staff were helpful, considerate, and went out of their way tending to all the small details. Leanne Putt made a memorable art video containing the student’s creative works. It was that extra ‘personal’ touch that helped the day sparkle. The staff had thoughtfully created name tags with an excerpt of our creativity. I was impressed by the time and effort that was put forth. Please know how grateful I am. It was a day that I will not soon forget. The luncheon was a great opportunity to get acquainted and enjoy some good food in a quiet atmosphere. I would recommend the luncheon to all future graduates. Thank-you, Nina Milton (my former tutor), for making the drive from Wales, simply to get to know me personally on my big day! I honestly was choked-up by Nina’s gesture and was glad to have had a meal with her and speak face-to-face. The ceremony was beautiful in every way. It was a long awaited event, and OCA made such strides to see that each graduate mattered and received special attention. The Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank was lovely, comfortable, and tastefully decorated. How lucky we were to have shaken hands with the renowned fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes, and to have had such meaningful and thoughtful speeches presented. I’d like to give my gratitude to every staff member and all of my tutors for the wonderful learning experience and culmination. With appreciation always, Maria Keeney

  • Thank you so much for not increasing your fees. I am saving up for my deposit so I can start in September, any increase may have meant that I would have been unable to do it.

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