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Joe Fox thumb

Joe Fox

Photography tutor Joe Fox will be familiar to many of our photography students from his contributions to forum debates and his rather scary user icon. I had the pleasure of meeting him two weeks ago and he is not at all scary, he told me about how he got to be a professional photographer. You […]

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Creative Studio Photography thumb

Creative Studio Photography

We are getting great feedback from the two day workshop in Creative Digital Photography run by Richard Maxted at city and Islington College earlier this month.One of the features of the workshops is that they are run by professionals who are specialists in their field. If you are not familiar with Richard’s work it is […]

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Blog of the week: Sheila Raven's Art Place thumb

Blog of the week: Sheila Raven's Art Place

Sheila Raven’s Art Place documents her study came to our attention as a student log which combines demonstrating the progress towards a finished piece with the reading around the subject. Here recent posts on an informal portrait show clearly how her thinking on expressionism is influencing her approach. Highly recommended.

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Negative Space thumb

Negative Space

The video above is one of the series of ‘Elements’ videos we are developing to enable OCA students and the general public develop their skills. The Elements content relates to OCA courses but stands outside them. It will be free to view and we are very grateful to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for supporting the […]

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OCA tutor wins award thumb

OCA tutor wins award

2nd Prize has been awarded to James Cowan for his watercolour ‘The Bakehouse, Vienna’ Although James regularly puts work into exhibitions, mostly in London, this was the first time he had sent work to the Royal Watercolour Society. “Just getting into an exhibition is great news, so I was delighted to also hear I had won the […]

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A learning organisation thumb

A learning organisation

We value learning, it is what we are about and we value it for our students and for ourselves. Benjamin from Duckrabbit has been at the OCA today training us in the production of slideshows. We know students like to see other students work and hear informed commentary – our first venture in this area […]

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Blog of the week: Fibre Friday thumb

Blog of the week: Fibre Friday

With increasing numbers of students blogging their learning logs we thought it would be a good idea to have a weekly feature drawing your attention to a student blog that has caught our attention. It will not be a ‘best of’ blog listing, rather a ‘look at this, it’s interesting’. And since today is Friday, […]

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