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New Life Drawing Video

The latest addition to OCA Elements website is this demonstration by tutor Jane Lazenby of figure drawing using geometrical shapes to establish an outline.

Posted by author: Paul Vincent
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5 thoughts on “New Life Drawing Video

  • (This is a high definition video which is six minutes long, if you have difficulty streaming it please try the following: Click the ‘HD is on’ button on the right hand side of the button so that it reads ‘HD is off’, then press the play button and immediately press the pause button. The video will then buffer – you will see a grey line going across the screen – if you press play when the grey line reaches the right side of the screen, it should play smoothly)

  • Good, useful video which helps to eliminate the greatest fears of when and how do I start. Clear presentation and useful teaching material for Drawing1: Start Drawing. Thank-you.

  • All these videos are a great idea but they are dreadfully slow. I’ve been waiting for this one to buffer now for over 10 minutes and it’s only half done. I only have a poor 1Mb connection . I’d love to make more use of the site but the whole site is terribly slow.

  • Hi art2di4. We’re in the process of uploading all these videos to a Youtube channel for people with slower connections, but that is a long process in itself. Have you turned off the HD? I’m on not much more than 1mb at the moment and it’s running fine without needing to be buffered.

  • Thank you.
    It is great to observe how other people tackle the problems presented by figure drawing.
    Good to know that suggestions of space in drapes add to the solidity of the figure.
    PS Video worked well for me

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