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A learning organisation

We value learning, it is what we are about and we value it for our students and for ourselves. Benjamin from Duckrabbit has been at the OCA today training us in the production of slideshows. We know students like to see other students work and hear informed commentary – our first venture in this area ‘Labelled like luggage’ is the most viewed post in We Are OCA to date by quite a considerable margin. After a tiring but massively stimulating day we are looking forward to bringing you a number of new slideshows from the last visual arts assessment. In the meantime, try watching the slideshow here

Posted by author: Paul Vincent
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2 thoughts on “A learning organisation

  • duckrabbit has just finished training OCA. I’m not sure who’s got more out of the training, us or the OCA.
    I’m looking forward to the slideshows you’ll be producing. If they match the talent of some of the students work I’ve seen then they’ll be a wonderful addition to your website.
    More then that though its great to see an organisation whose leadership is so committed to driving forward innovative ways of communicating both their and their students work.
    Inspiring stuff.

  • Thanks again Benjamin, and for your kind words above. Paul and I only managed to get thirty minutes working on the project today – too busy catching up on the work missed on Wednesday and Thursday. So we have missed my self-imposed deadline, but are now aiming for Monday! We’ll see.

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