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My old school. Well they’ve still got the 11+ but never mind, I’ll  go along all the same, do a talk and maybe a workshop. They still sing the Harrow School Song as their school song: the tramp of the 22 men  in a single sex girls’ school. Well maybe they are transitioning. After all this is LGBT history month.

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LGBT artists

February is LGBT History Month – a national initiative focused on recognising lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, their lives and experiences, and promoting equality. Marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the birth of the modern Pride movement, this year a number of galleries and museums, from London to Liverpool and Birmingham to Brighton, are running talks, exhibitions, film screenings and workshops to highlight previously hidden or unknown LGBT histories in their collections.

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What I learned writing an LGBT film thumb

What I learned writing an LGBT film

LGBT History Month is all about promoting equality, diversity and education. If you are writing or making a film with an LGBT theme, there is a responsibility on the artist to be truthful when dealing with topics that – for many – are delicate, if not life changing.

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Art, activism & ending violence against women thumb

Art, activism & ending violence against women

The 25 November marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the first day in the United Nations campaign UNiTE, launching sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence that culminates on 10 December – International Human Rights Day.  

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October was Black History Month… thumb

October was Black History Month…

…and as part of this we asked OCA programme leaders to share some important practitioners to point students towards and remember artists and events in the history of the African diaspora. This is list is just the beginning of a longer one we hope, please add to it in the comments below.

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Less of the ‘same’, more of the BAME thumb

Less of the ‘same’, more of the BAME

The UK publishing industry has not moved fast enough to reflect our current society. And when you’re talking about children’s fiction, it’s particularly white.

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Refugee week: 18-24 June thumb

Refugee week: 18-24 June

The idea that pointing your camera at things that are not part of your experience can only be tourism is also problematic – if you have privilege why not use that to highlight those less fortunate?

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Relative Poverty thumb

Relative Poverty

Relative Poverty would be stories – based in fact, as we understand documentaries to be – and the intent was overt; to show the lives lived in as much detail as it takes to overcome the naysayers. A tall order I know.

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