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Art, activism & ending violence against women thumb

Art, activism & ending violence against women

The 25 November marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the first day in the United Nations campaign UNiTE, launching sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence that culminates on 10 December – International Human Rights Day.  

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How do you get money from art you can’t sell? thumb

How do you get money from art you can’t sell?

I like photography. And I like skeletons.
However, not many people want to own pictures of skeletons. Not real ones. Many people enjoy the stylised skulls of goths and Mexico. But real skulls? From real people?

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Devils in the detail thumb

Devils in the detail

Many local authority collections have a budget for purchasing from local artists, or indeed benefit from donations of work by local artists welcome or not. In Glasgow, which has such an important art scene internationally, the local authority museum has a small but interesting collection of work by Glasgow School of Art graduates which they regularly show with different curatorial slants…

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A nose on the floor has significant consequences thumb

A nose on the floor has significant consequences

John Robertson is a level two sculpture student at OCA. John showed promise as a boy making 3D objects and a teacher recognized this and gave him the materials to start a carving project. John worked after school to chip away at the block provided and produced a carving he was proud off after two […]

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We know what we like …… thumb

We know what we like ……

The Daily Mail have recently carried out a study: ModernArtDailyMail on people’s viewing habits of contemporary art in order to draw conclusions about what constitutes ‘good’ art. The measure used was the amount of time people spend viewing works of art. This was used to gauge how interested/stimulated they were about the work of art. […]

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Challenging art copyright thumb

Challenging art copyright

Jeff Koons, the pop artist known for making art objects from every day objects, has demanded that a shop in San Francisco stops selling book-ends that look like balloon dogs. This is because once he made art out of such objects. The logical extension of his objection is that anyone who makes or sells a […]

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Unmissable tutorial with Hockney thumb

Unmissable tutorial with Hockney

There are 21 days left to see this insightful programme that is part of the Channel four series promoting young artists by getting them mentored by well known artists, film makers, etc. Hockney appearances in the media are notoriously rare, so seeing him talking about painting and drawing is a real opportunity. It is also […]

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Thinking through drawing through feeling workshop thumb

Thinking through drawing through feeling workshop

Modern Times: responding to chaos at the De La Warr Pavilion, a workshop that offers an opportunity to work with the exhibition of 20th century drawings held at the De La Warr pavillion. With a consideration of how artists think through drawing as a starting point, this workshop will give you an opportunity to make […]

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Volcanic ash inspires artists thumb

Volcanic ash inspires artists

Following the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption and the cloud that has descended upon us, the New York Times ran a piece on 15 April, by Simon Winchester, reflecting on the 1883 volcanic explosion and its impact on the world. In particular, he cited its impact on artists. So get out there all you artists, and […]

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