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Student stories: Menacing Beauty - The Open College of the Arts
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Student stories: Menacing Beauty

By Sonia Böning (Munich) and Dhama Thanigasapapathy (London)

The exhibition brings together paintings that showcase the earth as a vast and mysterious place – a place of great beauty and of menace. View it online here.

The collaboration came about as both of us have practices that rely on the juxtaposition between the beauty of the landscape and the disturbing reality when it is disrupted by environmental forces: both naturally occurring and human precipitated such as climatic change or pollution.

Amongst the obliteration there is also a sublime allure. The interplay of light, water and atmosphere creates a mesmerising array of colours and reflections. Dark secret spaces intrigue and lurid colours rendered deliberately unnaturally provide a compelling luminous attraction. There is a tension between celebrating the awesome beauty of a powerful nature marred and the reality of the damage that is wrought.

Find out more about the artists and follow them on social media:

Sonia: www.soniaboening.com IG: ocean_art_muc
Dhama: www.dhamat.com IG: dhama100

The exhibition was made possible with the help of the OCA’s Enterprise Fund – Find out more about it here.

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Posted by author: Dhama Thanigasapapathy
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