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Brian Carter

[Warning: This video includes images of crime scenes]
Gareth Dent looks at the work of Open College of the Arts Photography student Brian Carter. A forensic photographer by profession, Brian is now looking at photography from a more creative, artistic angle.

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6 thoughts on “Brian Carter

  • Just wanted to say that there should be a warning that forensic photos are going to be shown in the video, so that people can choose whether or not to watch it.
    The wall splattered with blood photograph has just brought on a horrible flashback for me. I suffer from a form of post traumatic stress disorder after witnessing violence, and that has triggered flashbacks and has caused me distress.
    I can see the artistic merit and am not suggesting that photograph shouldnt be part of it, only that showing it without warning is potentially distressing and i’d like you to take more care in future please. A simple sentence saying “contains images of crime scenes” would suffice, i would have known to avoid it then as i know what triggers my terror.

  • I have just come back from holiday and looked at this quickly as I rushed through my e mails. This is awful and even though the warining is in place it is not obvious if you are rushing. I am disgusted that you would a) consider this art and b) put it on an e mail on your website that you are sending out to your e mail list. The whole thing has made me feel sick and if you are going to send out emails like this in the future take me off your e mail list

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