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Video showing large scale exhibit being made thumb

Video showing large scale exhibit being made

There’s a new exhibition shortly on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, close to OCA HQ (29 May 2010 – 27 February 2011) of work by David Nash, tracing the evolution of the artist’s 40 year career and offering a vivid statement of his life’s work. David Nash has created Black Steps, an ambitious landscape intervention of charred oak and coal. Look at this video showing the steps being made.

The Making of Black Steps by David Nash from Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Vimeo.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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One thought on “Video showing large scale exhibit being made

  • This is a fabulous exhibition.  Huge sculptures, some “raw” wood, some charred to an intense and silky black.  David Nash describes the contrast: “With wood sculpture, one tends to see “wood”, a warm familiar material, before reading the form; wood first, form second.  Charring radically changes this experience.  The surface is transformed from a vegetable to a mineral – carbon- and one sees the form before the material.  The sense of scale and time are strangely changed, the charred form feels compacted yet distanced in any expanding space.  Rudolph Steiner spoke about the human responses to carbon being on two levels; the feeling and the thinking.  The feeling instinct – connected to one’s soul – is repulsed, withdraws, while the thinking instinct – connected to one’s spirit – is attracted and advances.  These two simultaneous experiences vie with each other.” (YSP David Nash Exhibition Guide).  If you can, visit the exhibition and see what you think!  

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