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Film…time runs through it

The OCA is now well advanced in agreeing our development plans for the next academic year. In line with our values, the vast majority of the investment will be devoted to enhancing the student experience, refreshing existing courses and adding further choice to our existing degree pathways. However we are very excited to announce plans for a new addition: Film.
We already have two level one film courses hidden within our existing degree pathways:
Digital film Production: Creative Concepts which is an option within the photography degree pathway, and
Scriptwriting which was introduced this academic year, is an option within the creative writing degree pathway.
In January 2015, subject to validation, we will introduce a third level one course, in Film Studies. This will enable students wishing to study film to gain a CertHE in Creative Arts by studying solely in this area. If there is sufficient interest we will submit plans for degree pathways in film when we re-validate with UCA in 2015.
In the meantime, we start this week with a post on that aspect of film which is perhaps closest to photography, the long take.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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11 thoughts on “Film…time runs through it

  • I’ve followed both your progresses and can see how much you’ve gained from this.I guess it’s the idea of having to take on yet something else new (i.e. video techniques) that seems scary.

  • Excellent news – for both the Cert HE and a possible degree pathway! I just wish they would happen sooner…
    I’d be very interested to know exactly how many students are required to achieve ‘sufficient interest’ for a degree pathway. 5, 10, 50?

    • It is difficult to give an exact number Stuart because our ability to invest in a new pathway such as this is determined by enrolments on the three film courses and the College’s overall financial situation. However, I think 10 enrolments a year on the new course plus the 40 enrolments a year on the two existing courses would convince us this would be worth while.

    • It’s very early days Margaret but the thinking at this stage is that we would like to make it possible to give choices. So, separate pathways but the possibility to bring in units from other pathways depending on the students primary area of interest. Clearly Film and Photography is one possible combination, as is Creative Writing and Film.
      But I would stress that these are ideas rather than proposals.

  • Love this!!! Yes, I am planning to start the film courses now and have been looking to complete a full BA in film online for years. This is excellent news! I will definitely be part of it.

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