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Election of Student Association President

Following our report last month, the OCA Trustees have now met to consider the findings of the student survey and Jim Smith’s recommendations for the way forward for the OCA Student Association (OCASA). The Trustees have given Jim’s proposals their support and have agreed a funding mechanism for OCASA.
In broad terms, we see the Student Association (OCASA) as a way to enable students to make a positive contribution to the operation and development of the OCA, through consultation, representation and dialogue. It should also provide a further means of providing peer support.
Terms of Engagement
We are now seeking nominations for President for the Student Association who will:

  • Help establish a formal constitution for the OCASA;
  • Help establish the OCASA committee;
  • Chair the OCASA committee;
  • Ensure the SA committee collates and fairly represents the views of OCA students;
  • Represent these views at the OCA Teaching and Learning Committee, and in all other dealings with the OCA.

Following the views expressed in the recent survey of students, it is envisaged that the person elected will be provided with expenses to include both travel and subsistence claims. The President will not be an employee of the OCA, or receive payment for work undertaken. The President will be expected to be in post for two years, and attend approximately six meetings per year, in person or by video conferencing where this is not practical.
Interested students are asked to put their own names forward, together with an election statement of up to 300 words addressed to fellow students, intended to be published on the web by OCA. Students should send their draft statements to Jim Smith by email ( sa[at]oca-uk.com ) and Jim is happy to answer queries from students who are considering putting them selves forward.
Nomminations open today
The deadline for nomination is 15/04/11 with postal voting forms to be sent out in the following week.
Election statements will be the headline item on the WeAreOCA website from 20/04/11 to 20/5/11.
Postal voting forms to be returned to OCA by 20/5/11 with the election result confirmed with the nominees first, and then announced publicly as soon as possible thereafter.
The newly elected President to liaise with OCA in preparation for attending their first Teaching and Learning Committee on 21/6/11.
A personal perspective
OCA students will hopefully have seen major changes over the last three years and can continue to see further change as we widen our portfolio of courses and provide further opportunities for students to gain development opportunities around the core course pathways. The development of a Student Association reflects a further major shift in emphasis for the College and I would encourage all students to consider whether they have the time and commitment to give to what is likely to be a significant role in the development of the College over the coming years. You will be rewarded with two potentially fascinating years and all the support you would expect from myself and the rest of the OCA Executive.
Gareth Dent
Chief Executive

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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5 thoughts on “Election of Student Association President

  • Good to know the Student Association is a step closer to being formed. I myself am not presidential material but very much hope others will feel able to put themselves forward for election and I will be glad to give any support I can to whoever is eventually elected.
    Thanks to yourself, Gareth, and the Trustees for giving your backing and enabling funding to get the initiative launched.

  • Student Association Presidential Election | We are OCA says
    […] This is an important development for the OCA and the Student Association will be influential in shaping the future of the College. Please take time to read the statements and to vote. Further details on the Student Association are in the earlier post here […]

  • On the other post on president (the one that’s closed to comments and featuring the manifesto), it says that voting cards will be distributed before the end of April. Was this done? I didn’t get one…

    • Unfortunately, we didn’t factor the bank holidays into our sums Rob. The cards should be back from the printers tomorrow (Thursday 5 May) and will be dispatched immediately they are received.

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